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Mastermind Murals was brought together by the passion of two brothers who had a vision to uplift and energize communities with impactful murals in residential and commercial spaces. Having a talented collective of professional artists across different disciplines allows us to offer a wide range of creative services. We have completed hundreds of projects, bringing businesses’ and brands’ ideas to life through artistic mastery. 

Our team uses only the highest quality materials in their work and specialize in transforming original concepts into murals. We use mediums such as oil, enamel, acrylic, and spray paint along with a variety of techniques to create, render or reproduce all types of artwork.


Mural work has been our primary passion for close to 15 years. Our creative development process takes into account the intended use, viewer impression and overall “feel” that defines your project. Our talented circle of artists look forward to unique ideas and parameters to work with whenever meeting new clients. We have extensive experience developing eye catching and long lasting hand painted imagery on all mediums for a variety of business and creative needs.


Hand painted signage is unique in that the person who performs the work embeds a piece of their creativity and experience in every project. The display of self identifying shapes, icons, palettes and lettering are key to successful brand recognition. We offer a wide assortment of hand-painted techniques to craft the necessary aesthetic for your project.


We have years of experience providing a wide range of faux finish services. By replicating the texture and nuance of materials such as Marble, Aged wood, Rock, and Rusted metal; we can transform any surface into another. Our work can be seen across multiple industries ranging from movie sets to studios and theme parks.


With pride and professionalism, we hand paint each piece with individual attention. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of craftsmanship in our field.

Let us transform your ideas into a powerful painting!